'67 D700 Dodge Hot Wheels Ramp Truck
Don "the Snake" Prudhomme’s frame-off and fully restored 1967 Hot Wheels Ramp Truck which famously transported his Funny Cars during the 1970’s match racing era.

Upon its discovery by Dick Maxwell from Plymouth, the 1967 Dodge D-700 crew cab Hot Wheels ramp truck was originally purchased by Prudhomme in Greensboro, NC in 1969. The ramp section was then customized and installed per his specific racing needs.

The ramp truck then went into service beginning in 1970 as an integral part of Mattel’s legendary Hot Wheels "Snake vs. Mongoose" promotion, which saw Prudhomme and Tom McEwen square off in match races across the country, while also making countless appearances at toy stores, retail outlets and other locations. From 1970-1972, photos of the ramp truck appeared in many magazine articles, news stories, and packaging for Hot Wheels toys, models and track sets.

Upon conclusion of the Hot Wheels promotion at the end of the 1972 season, the ramp truck was then sold by Prudhomme to a buyer in California.

Thirty-five years later and having already restored many of his older funny cars - including the yellow 1970 Plymouth Hot Wheels "Snake I" Funny Car - Prudhomme wanted to locate, purchase and restore the ramp truck in order to have the complete, original touring package. Using the original VIN number and some assistance from local law enforcement, Prudhomme tracked down the vehicle in early 2008 to find that it was still owned by the same buyer who purchased it from him in 1973 and that the truck had in fact never left the State of California.

Once relocated to his Vista, California racing headquarters, Prudhomme personally oversaw its complete, frame-off restoration which was done largely in-house with long-time employee Willie Wolter serving as the project manager.

Also includes: original bill of sale, original work order for ramp modification, original spare 1966 426-cubic inch stock Hemi cast-iron motor, and Prudhomme’s original driving suit, helmet and uniform.
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